- Assist clients in liaising and negotiating with
property agents and landlords.

- Evaluate proposed sites.

- Inspect site prior to handover.


- Obtain from client all necessary information relating to initial design process
by means of meetings, fax, and telephone conversation.

- Survey site for the work stage.

- Research possible constraints and apply for any preliminary consent if

- Prepare and present site arrangement report to client.

- Co-ordinate with building management office.

- Take over site with client and follow up defects.

- Analyse clients organization, operation, work flow and related requirement.

- Measure existing furniture, machinery and equipment for integration into new

- Prepare preliminary layout plan design for client comment and input.

- Arrange for electrical and mechanical services and air-conditioning
installations to be integrated into overall design.

- Prepare finalized layout plan, reflected ceiling plan, sketch elevations,
perspectives, color schemes, sample boards, furniture designs, samples of furniture,
lighting fitting etc.

- Co-ordinate with telecommunication and computer companies concerning
system integration and installation.

- Submit finalized layout plan to building management office and in-house
contractors for fire services installation and mechanical and electrical services.

- Calculate electricity power consumption for appropriate MCCB main switch.

- Estimate contract sum upon finalized design.

- Air-conditioning system installation

- Fire service system modification and installation.

- Mechanical and electrical installation.

- Carpentry work.

- Suspended ceiling installation.

- Flooring work.

- Furniture marking and system furniture purchasing.


- Undertake the administration of the contract in
accordance with the agreement made between the
contractor and client.

- Prepare working schedule and check the progress of
the project.

- Inspect quality of work to ensure adherence to the
standards defined by the contract documents.

- Organize and chair regular site meetings to include
client, when he is needed. Inform client of all changes
that materially affect the design, progamme, contract
progree, and possible variation costs.

- Initate appropriate actions for commissioning and
testing mechanical and engineering installations and

- Check contractors insurance and inform client of his
insurance obligations.

- Act on behalf of the client to design and negotiate the
price of additional items with contractors.

- Visit contractors premises as required to check off-site

- Examine claims for extra payment and extension of
time and adjudicate fairly and promptly under procedures set out in contract.

- Hold handover meeting and issue formal notice of
practical completion.

- Arrange for any urgent maintenance work after

- Carry out final inspection of works and if satisfied
authorise release of retention sum.


Prepare working drawings and specifications to give full description of construction; produce schedules of
furnishing with related explanatory drawings to ensure accurate tendering.

Negotiate tendering and contract procedure and particulars with client and prepare list of tenderers; select short
list and obtain clients agreements.

Send to client copies of all documonts and confirm that contents are accurate as a basis for tenders.

Arrange for contractors to have access to site.

Arrange pre-tender meetings with supplies/contractors if and when appropriate; issure tender documents;
answer any queries raised by tenderers; and inform all tenderers of any resultant changes.

Arrange for opening of tenders and confirm that they are submitted correctly.

Report to client on cost and program results.

Prepare contract documents.